Virtually every type of Non-Destructive Testing requires a clean part. Chemical cleaning and surface preparation is an absolutely crucial step, without which test results would be unreliable at best. There are various Chemical and Dry Abrasive Surface Cleaning processes available, each designed to provide the optimal surface condition for a particular test procedure.

In the case of Liquid Penetrant Dye testing, parts that are contaminated with oil cause a significant reduction in process sensitivity. Acid that is trapped in the material from a previous etch can also have negative effects on the test. At Pacific Magnetic & Penetrant, our testing services are comprehensive and utilize tools to ensure that our customers receive the most accurate results possible. Our Chemical and Dry Abrasive Surface Cleaning processes include the ability to clean and descale CRES, ferrous materials, aluminum, and titanium alloys. Passivation solutions are maintained in accordance with AMS 2700 and ASTM-A-967. For a full description of the pretest cleaning processes we provide, see the table below or contact us directly to discuss your testing requirements.

Chemical & Dry Abrasive Surface Cleaning Capabilities:

Solvent Cleaner
Alkaline Cleaner
Alkaline/Aqueous Cleaner
Blast Unit (Glass bead)
Blast Unit (Aluminum oxide)

Equipment used shall be such as to produce cleaning and removing scale from CRES, Ferrous, Aluminum and Titanium alloys.

Equipment used for Method 1 Passivation Treatments shall be such as to remove free iron from Austenitic, Ferritic, Free Machining, Martensitic, and Precipitation Hardening alloys.

AMS2700 Type ASTM-A-967 Nitric
2 1
6 2
7 3
8 4
Sodium Dichromate Post Treatment