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Chemical Cleaning & Surface Preparation

Chemical cleaning and surface preparation are key elements of many testing processes. At Pacific Magnetic & Penetrant Co., Inc., we specialize in materials testing, and offer an extensive array of chemical cleaning and surface preparation capabilities, including media blasting, acid pickling, chemical descaling, and aqueous parts washing. These processes may be performed as an independent service, or in conjunction with one of our chemical processing and non-destructive testing options. Media blasting capabilities include glass bead blasting and aluminum oxide blasting. Aluminum oxide is an angular media that is very aggressive in the removal of heavy scale, coatings, or rust. Due to its efficiency, aluminum oxide is an excellent multi-purpose abrasive that is very cost effective for applications in which its aggressive nature is a good fit. For more sensitive applications, glass beads are typically the preferred blasting media. Glass beads provide a smoother and brighter finish compared to angular abrasives, which makes them an ideal choice for precision finishing requirements.

Chemical descaling methods can be used to remove mineral scale, greases, and oils while acid pickling is available for removing oxides from the metal surface. Combined, all of the chemical cleaning and surface preparation methods represent a comprehensive solution for any metal cleaning application in the aerospace, commercial, and consumer goods industries. We specialize in small to medium volume projects and provide fast turnarounds, which average 2 to 3 days. Area-wide pickup and delivery, as well as expedited services, are available as needed. For additional information about our chemical cleaning and surface preparation capabilities, see the table below, or contact us directly.

Chemical Cleaning & Surface Preparation Capabilities:

Cleaning Service

Glass Bead Blasting
Aluminum Oxide Blasting
Glass Bead
Acid Pickling

Chemical Descaling
Titanium Cleaning
Aqueous Parts Washing

Additional Services

Pick-up and Delivery in Local Areas

Production Volume

Small Volumes
Medium Volumes
Large Volumes

Typical Lead Time

2 – 3 Days
Rush/Expediting Services Available

Additional Information

Industry Focus

Consumer Goods

Industry Standards


  • MIL DTL 5002
  • MIL STD 171
  • MIL-STD-1504


  • ASTM A380

NADCAP Accredited